#RealTimeElements Week 11th-17th November 2019

Hi #RealTimeChemists,

Long time, no write-y the blog-y. My heartfelt apologies for this, but life this year has somewhat caught up with me and haven’t been able to spend as much time on #RealTimeChem as I normally would. Hence, the lack of an official full scale #RealTimeChem Week this year. I know, sad times. I will make amends in 2020 with a full #RealTimeChem relaunch which puts you, the community front and center and provides plenty more opportunities to share chemistry and generally geek out about it in real time.

Copyright © 2018-2019 IUPAC.

Anyway, enough of my incoherent ramblings. To tide you over and also to celebrate this years International Year of the Periodic Table (#IYPT2019), we’ve teamed up with the wonderful chemistry crazed folks at C&EN to bring you a little competition to get your PPE protected teeth into: #RealTimeElements.

What’s the competition?

The basic idea is to capture an image or video that showcases a particular element in the periodic table. Be imaginative, be spectacular, be elemental. The element should be clear visually or mentioned in the description with your submission. You should also use this the competition hashtag #RealTimeElements.

The Periodic Table. How about we try to make our own? I wonder how many different elements we can collect during #RealTimeElements Week?
Copyright © 2012 Theodore Gray and Michael Mann.

What’s the prizes?

Each category (video and image) have a grand prize and two runners-up. All winners will receive a limited-edition C&EN IYPT travel mug. The grand-prize winners will also receive a $50 gift card and a special print of their image or a film-reel-style print of shots from their video.

How do I enter?

All the competition details can be found on C&EN’s competition page here. Please make sure to read the full rules before entering. You can take part on Twitter (of course), but also on Instagram. Alternatively, you can enter via submission form on the competition page.

The competition runs from 11th November to 17th November 2019.

Have fun everybody, I can’t wait to see what fantastic images and videos you come up with during #RealTimeElements Week.

-Doctor Galactic-

P.S. If you have any ideas for other element based fun during #RealTimeElements Week, please feel free to let me know!



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  2. enredadosconlyl · May 12, 2020

    Such an interesting competition! Maybe ammonium chlorate will participate 😛

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