RTCW Awards 2014 – Wednesday

Wednesday – 25th June

So the 2nd annual #RealTimeChem Week is underway! That mean that, once again, it’s time for the #RealTimeChem awards. This year the three best tweets of the whole week win a fabulous #RealTimeChem Week 2014 branded mug as a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

As in the previous year, the awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Please note that within these categories they are in no particular order of favoritism. Those Tweeters who have won a Pt will be the lucky ones with a chance to win the prizes.

So without further ado, onto the 2014 awards.

Wednesday. Hump day of the working week. Half way through the working week. Half way through the awards for #RealTimeChem week. Apparently, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”, which is pretty unfair on children born on a Wednesday. How about “Wednesday’s child is full of wonder”. What do you think Grumpy Cat?


Okay. Point taken. On with the awards for Wednesday.

Silver Awards


As @chemistLN has found, a good supervisor always know how to motivate you.


Jason Khoury made his own colour chart out of perovskites!

Chemists are generally big fans of beer and Dr Neil shares the first of hopefully many brewings to come from burly men with supreme facial hair.

Vittorio plays around with magnetite, forming his very own rorschach test. Why does he see a bat? Because he’s Batman!

As TehshikYoon shows chemistry isn’t always pretty colours and explosions. Sometimes you can spend a lot of time writing and then an even longer time checking that dissertation/thesis/latest paper. It’s all chemistry.

If you must do lone working. Make sure people know you are. If possible do it in a way they will definitely remember. I think Erik has that covered.

TodayInTheLab’s glove box looks sad and a lonely, like its missing its inorganic chemist.

I’m pretty sure DanySR has been experimenting on Smurfs in the Lab…or blueberries.

Putting stuff in Liquid Nitrogen. It never gets old does it? As proved by the Conway Group

Dennymay grew one hell of a keeper of a crystal. Now, just how did you get it out of there?


                  Gold Awards                   


I’m pretty sure Organometallica has won the competition for biggest crystals this #RealTimeChem week and got themselves a gold.

Paul Coxon lost his wafer, but I think I see the remains of The One Ring.

@mantalek Starts a round of RealTimeChem haikus. Really capture the feel of those lab moments.

Brian gives us some invaluable advice on just how bad that stench really is. They should put that on the label!

A rather funny tweet from Angelo. I’m sure that all those sample behaved themselves.

Laura Jane shows off the perfect shoes to do chemistry in. I wish there was a J on the Periodic table…

Andreas gave us a proper lesson and a classy looking photo all in one.


Platinum Awards

Note that these three lucky people will be entered into the final Tweet of the Week competition and are in with the chance of winning a #RealTimeChem week 2014 mug!


Mmmm Peanut butter. Creamy, creamy peanut butter goodness….oh hell. Chemists and their mistaking products for food tendencies. Beautiful shot though @jgrimesjr

After all that peanut butter, I should wash it down with Neurotic Chemist’s unknown wine. It’s the only solution. I think it’ll take quite a few samples to determine it’s identity. Yes, quite a few.


St Stev shows off a classic experiment known as Pharaoh’s serpent. It’s a oldie, but a goody and I really like this before and after shot.



We are over the hump. Well done again to all of the winners and thank you for taking part in #RealTimeChem week 2014. We’re half way through the awards now, but plenty of time to share some chemistry and have some fun with the rest of the community.


-Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy-


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