#RSCPoster 2019 – register now!

Hi #RealTimeChem & #ChemTwitter folks,

Yes, it is nearly that time of year again (no, it’s not #RealTimeChem Week just yet! But I like your enthusiasm), it’s almost #RSCPoster time!

In case you don’t know #RSCPoster is a Twitter conference that bring members of the chemistry research community (such as your wonderful selves) together to share their research, network and engage in rigorous scientific debate.

This year the event will be on Tuesday 5 March 2019, 09:00 GMT – Wednesday 6 March 2019, 09:00 GMT.

Please note! You must register to take part. Registration is open and can be done: here.

If you want to know (a lot) more about how it works please follow this link to the RSC Publishing Blog, which has all the information you need on how to take part.

Here’s also some quick information to give you the basics and all the subject hashtags:

#RealTimeChem’s #RSCPoster challenge.

You may have noticed that I, and by extension @RealTimeChem, am one of the General Committee members this year for the conference, so I’m going to do my best to engage as much as possible.

Now there was a considerable number of posters last year, but my challenge will be to comment on as many as humanly possible during the day, including an appropriate GIF. The challenge for all of you, if you choose to accept it (don’t worry this blog won’t spontaneously combust) is to do the same! Make sure you’re using #RSCPoster in all your replies and let’s help this conference get trending and spread chemistry far and wide on Twitter, especially in the International Year of the Periodic Table (so it’s it about elements use #IYPT2019!).

I hope to see you all there (metaphorically speaking)! Have fun everybody!

-Doctor Galactic-

Conflict of Interest: 
Please note that I would like to make it clear that I work as an editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry. Although I think, most of you know that by now.  

#FromSmallToBig photocontest: Win Pint of Science Tickets with Hindawi and #RealTimeChem

Hi everybody,

I’ve got an exciting competition for you all! Courtesy of the fantastic folks at Hindawi, I have 5 tickets to give away to a Pint of Science event near you.


What’s Pint of Science you might ask? Well, I’ll let Hindawi explain:

Spanned across 6 continents and 21 countries with nearly 100,000 attendees, this award-winning festival brings together our favorite scientists to our local pubs, where some of the greatest ideas where born; among friends, sharing a drink and imagining a world where one more question was answered and one more solution was found.

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring this year’s Pint of Science festival of events in the UK, France, Ireland, and Germany. We invite you to join us for a pint of beer with a touch of science talk, knowledge sharing, and ideas exchange.

To read more about Hindawi’s partnership with Pint of Science see: https://about.hindawi.com/opinion/pint-of-science-celebrating-research-discovery-across-the-globe/ 

Ace huh? How can you win? Well here’s the rules:

Hindawi are sponsoring events across the UK based on “Atoms and Galaxies”. In other words, it is science from the smallest to the biggest. So what better way to win tickets than with a #RealTimeChem photo-contest using the additional hashtag: . All you have to do is tweet a picture on this theme. It can be anything from a picture of the Atomium in Brussels to teeny tiny glassware.

To summarize, a step-by-step guide to enter:

1. Take picture of very small or very big chemistry subject.

2. Tweet picture using #RealTimeChem and #FromSmallToBig and tag @Hindawi. Sprinkle in a little explanation in the tweet

3. You’re entered.  

It is not that long until Pint of Science (14th-16th May). So, this is going to be a fast a furious contest that takes place over just 3 days starting from 9.00 am BST Monday 30th April and finishing at 11.00 pm BST Wednesday 3rd May. 
Winners will be selected and given instructions on how to claim their prizes on 4th May 2018. 
Winners can pick one of the events in the UK (please do check your local is not sold out) as well as events in Ireland, Germany, and France. Event information is below:


Each of the 5 winners will also win a snazzy T-shirt courtesy of Hindawi and modeled here by the incomparable Fani:


Any questions about this photocontest, please do get in touch with me via DM on Twitter (@RealTimeChem).


Good luck and cheers!

-Doctor Galactic-

Nominate your #RealTimeChemist of the year


Hello everyone,

Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz – so drink and be merry folks! Now, to help you do said drinking and perform your merriment duties, I do have one remaining #RealTimeChem Week 2017 mug sitting forlornly in my desk draw.


It looks a lot like this.  Featureless white void not included. 


So the question is, who should be given this unique collectible item? I was thinking of a gladiatorial fight to the death type scenario:


Imagine this, but with labcoats. 

…but I think the world of science has enough problems right now without all of us killing each other over novelty ceramics.

Instead, there will be the next best thing: a Twitter poll!

To populate this Twitter poll with options I would like to ask everyone in the community to nominate who they feel is the most deserving member of the #RealTimeChem community to win this glorious prize. This should be the person who’s contributions via #RealTimeChem have stood out to you most this year.

You can nominate your #RealTimeChemist by doing one of the following: 

  • Sending a DM to @RealTimeChem
  • Sending an email to RealTimeChem@gmail.com
  • Leaving a comment below.

In your nomination please include the following:

  • Twitter Handle of the nominee.
  • A brief reason why you are nominating them.
  • A few examples of your favourite tweets from your nominee this year (optional but helpful).

Nominations close on Friday 22nd December. 


The 4 most nominated #RealTimeChemists will be added to a poll on @RealTimeChem that will run until 1st January 2018


So, get nominating and happy holidays!


-Doctor Galactic-

Announcing the Journal of Real Time Chemistry! 

So big news! Stupendous, marvellous, frankly insane levels of newsage. 

Today I’m proud to announce the launch of a brand new Twitter based Journal! Yes, the Journal of Real Time Chemistry (or JRTC).

I’m sure you are all astounded and amazed by this announcement and also wondering how you can submit your tweets to this new journal. Well here’s a short FAQ: 

  • What’s the journal scope? Journal of Real Time Chemistry is an international, peer reviewed, Twitter based journal covering everything and anything chemistry based! Just write about chemistry. End of. 
  • How do I submit? Easy! You just add #RealTimeChem to your tweet and its submitted. 
  • How does peer review work? You just submit your tweet & the Editor-in-chief will ask 2 (or 3…or up to 7 in cases of wild disagreements and in fighting) random members of the #RealTimeChem community what they think of it. If it’s liked, then you’re in, if not, well you’re still in, but you won’t get a “like” and that’s what you want right? 
  • How long does peer review take? Depends on when the Editorial staff gets a chance to look at their smart phones, but it’s pretty quick. 
  • Who’s on the Editorial Board? It’s a small board, I mean you can’t expect high profile academics to take time out to read your Tweets can you? So it’s mainly, uh, me, Doctor Galactic, and the Editor-in-chief. 
  • Who’s the Editor-in-chief then? A chemist who is world renown naturally. Dame Tabitha Feline of the University of RealTimeChem, pictured below in a relaxed atmosphere outside the lab.  

    Note that Dame Feline is a harsh reviewer and will more than likely ignore your tweet completely .


I think that’s all you need to know,  aside from another list of bullet points describing the main journal features.

  • Rapid publication times! Near instant!
  • Simple submission process! A touch of a button!
  • Free colour! Free black & white! 
  • No page limits! …Because there are no pages. Obviously there is the whole 140 characters thing.
  • No charges! (Despite us really needing the money)
  • Open access! No gold or green or beige, but completely open to the whole world!
  • High impact! Yes, the tweets we expect to publish will be so high impact they will knock you out of your chair. You will be crushed by its stupendously high impact factor (expected IF =42) 


Obviously, April fools! I imagine you got that already of course.