RTCW Awards 2014 – Monday

Monday – 23rd June

So the 2nd annual #RealTimeChem Week is underway! That mean that, once again, it’s time for the #RealTimeChem awards. This year the three best tweets of the whole week win a fabulous #RealTimeChem Week 2014 branded mug as a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

As in the previous year, the awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Please note that within these categories they are in no particular order of favoritism. Those Tweeters who have won a Pt will be the lucky ones with a chance to win the prizes.

So without further ado, onto the 2014 awards.

Monday. It’s Garfield’s least favourite day of the week you know. The day started slow, but gradually sped up and produced some fantastic #RealTimeChem. It was great to see the variety of tweets across the whole chemistry spectrum.



Anyway, on with the awards for Monday.

Silver Awards


skuldintape has found the mothership. Personally, I am looking forward to serving our new glass beaker overlords.

As Dr. X demonstrates chemists don’t need light. We live off solvent fumes and laser beams.

Erik Goebel finds a talent for unintended ice sculpting. My dry ice/LDA baths never made formed ice sculptures this pretty….

Sadly I know from experience @greaneygroup, that it’s the latter. Nice try though. Nice try. 🙂

Terrible chemistry related pun of the day goes to @mantalek. Must. Keep. Straight. Face.

And the award for big-arse-flask of the day goes to @jgrimesjr! Congratulations.

Points go to @npcooley for the Lionel Richie reference. Naturally, I’ve had that song in my head ever since writing the previous sentence…

As a publishing editor I love a bit of unintended hilarity due to spelling errors. Thanks for sharing @chemsuschem 🙂

@chemicaljess plays Young’s Tap Tube Roulette.

This week in the continuing adventures of Einstein, Frodo and Lego Chemist…I feel like they should solve crimes. Thanks @DrummerBoy2112!

                  Gold Awards                   


Luke, one of last year’s prize winners starts the week with a three part picture. Beginning, middle and end. Satisfying.

Much like the RSC, Wiley clearly love their cake. They most certainly know how to start a Monday morning in style.

Staying with food and throwing religion into the mix, @chemistry_kat gives us the chemistry equivalent of the Last Supper.

There’s something quite beautiful about this set of buffers. @NeuroticChemist knows how much we all just love the pretty colours.


In keeping with the earlier Lionel Richie @reneewebs goes all Beyoncé to amusing effect. Now I have THAT song in my head, where it is preceding to battle Lionel Richie for supremacy.


I’m pretty much this pink stuff is the same stuff from Ghostbusters 2. Don’t get angry at it @FabOrtu!

@leonthechymist tweeted quite a few times on Monday, but this was, in my humble opinion the prettiest of the bunch.



Platinum Awards

Note that these three lucky people will be entered into the final Tweet of the Week competition and are in with the chance of winning a #RealTimeChem week 2014 mug!


@laurajane0103 pretty much won the day off the bat with this Day in my life video. *applause*

Inspired by @laurajane0103, @ChemistLN stars in #RealTimeChem the movie. I’d totally watch that movie. I could turn up as the villain. I’d totally grow a long mustache to twirl and everything.



This one wins a Pt on sheer whimsy and fun. It’s kind of self explanatory.


And that’s all he wrote! Apart from that obviously….and that. I could go on all week.


Oh wait…I will. See you tomorrow for Tuesday’s winners!

-Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy-


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