RTCW Awards 2014 – Weekend

The Weekend

28th & 29th June

So the 2nd annual #RealTimeChem Week is here. That means that, once again, it’s time for the #RealTimeChem awards. This year the three best tweets of the whole week win a fabulous #RealTimeChem Week 2014 branded mug as a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

As in the previous year, the awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Please note that within these categories they are in no particular order of favoritism. Those Tweeters who have won a Pt will be the lucky ones with a chance to win the prizes.

So without further ado, onto the 2014 awards.

Welcome to the weekend. #RealTimeChem week always lasts seven days, but the last are generally a warm down and often focus on chemistry done at home or out and about. Unless you are one of those hard working souls still slaving away in the lab.  This is the final awards of the week and the year.


I just found this one funny. Final weekend awards below.

Silver Awards


#RealTimeChem week is always full of good advice. John gives out another piece to hold you in good stead when surviving the lab.

As mentioned yesterday I love a good periodic table, but some of the novelty periodic tables really irritate me. Some are really lazy. Trent seems to share this feeling.


Laura Jane keeps the #RealTimeChem up even at home, playing a game of big and small with pestle and mortars.

Mudz21 finds some topical World Cup humour. In a rather unlikely place.

Oh Jason, this pretty much sums up 80% of days in the lab…It’s like being trapped in a glass case of emotion.

Matt takes do-it-yourself chemistry to the max while descaling the shower. Nice effort level, but doesn’t it unscrew…?


I share Erik’s lack of enthusiasm for DMS. It’s a shame I found the Swern Oxidation really useful. My train carriages home were always quite empty on those days…

Nothing like a nice clean lab space. But clean-up Saturday? Lab Daily, is your supervisor a sadist??

As Vittorio demonstrates chemistry research is always at the very cutting edge of technology…

Massimo tweets a final #RealTimeChem week haiku. It’s been fun.

                  Gold Awards                   


Cellars in castles are obvious places for #RealTimeChem right? Maybe they are for Bruce.

Crystals on a Sunday? Why not? Especially in a lovely shade of pink thanks to Daniela.

Andreas gets a little green eyed over this T-shirt signed by I don’t know how many chemistry nobel laureates.

Neurotic Chemist shares some shopping list humour that I’ve not seen before. We should all give this a go sometime just for shits and giggles.


Let’s do the time warp with Steph. That door feels like something out of the movies.


The Lithium Woman/Man/thing wants to eat your soul. I’m not entirely sure what the point of this advertisement is, thanks to Dany for creeping us all out though.

A little bit of fermentation goes a long way! Chemists and beer go together like fish and chips. Some good model work too from John.


Platinum Awards

Note that these three lucky people will be entered into the final Tweet of the Week competition and are in with the chance of winning a #RealTimeChem week 2014 mug!


I’m pretty sure most RealTimeChemmers now want a periodic table chopping board just like Kevin. Classy shot too.

Some Saturday night kitchen chemistry with the kids. Nothing like sharing some chemistry with the family.

A biosensor made out of a shot glass? Why ever not? Nice shot MScbiochemist.


And that’s it. All the awards are now done and so is #RealTimeChem week. Once again, thank you to everyone who took part this year and I hope you will continue to use #RealTimeChem whenever you want to share something awesome with the community.

I’m going to take a few days to look over all of the Platinum award winners and then pick out my favourite three “Tweets of the Week”.

Stay tuned!

-Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy-


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