RTCW Awards 2014 – Thursday

Thursday – 26th June

So the 2nd annual #RealTimeChem Week is still underway! That mean that, once again, it’s time for the #RealTimeChem awards. This year the three best tweets of the whole week win a fabulous #RealTimeChem Week 2014 branded mug as a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

As in the previous year, the awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Please note that within these categories they are in no particular order of favoritism. Those Tweeters who have won a Pt will be the lucky ones with a chance to win the prizes.

So without further ado, onto the 2014 awards.

Thursday. To quote Athur Dent “This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays”. Luckily, I’m writing this on a stormy Saturday. There’s thunder and everything. It’s like Thor, for whom the day is named, somehow knew. 


I know, I know! Awards for Thursday below.

Silver Awards


Blast from the past from Vittorio. That cartridge is as old as I am! Not sure I’d fancy cleaning it with benzene anyway Nintendo…

Who doesn’t love a bit of flavour chemistry after a job well done? Thanks for keeping up the food theme of the week too Reactive Species.


Congrats to Bas for a large scale synthesis well done. Are there any cork rings in this world that don’t have writing on them? I used to have one called Jake Jr, which I inherited in the lab. True story.


A lot of bright colours this Thursday including this snazzy purple from Laura Jane.

Joanne has an appropriate surname for building bucky-balls. I wonder how long it took to finish?

As Jeff Goldblum put it in Jurassic Park: “That is one big pile of shit.” That’s the kind of workup that no one wants. Hope it turned out well Lab Daily!

Oh you computational chemists. You have far too much free time on your hands. Thanks for the fun though DaLiinge 🙂

I’ve said it before, but everyone loves big glassware. It’s always impressive. We all dream of doing a reaction that means we will need to break out the big guns just like Marissa here.


I guessed 8,561. I was wrong. You are all wrong. Colonel Mustard Gas just wanted to point out your wrongness.

Highs and lows from Paco. Shame about the reagents but yaaaaay free pens! I’m a total pen hoarder. Ask anyone at the RSC.




                  Gold Awards                   


Jess starts a game of What’s in my lab coat pocket? Must admit I never need a spanner.


Andreas continued to shine (or rather glow) on Thursday with some uranium compounds.

Keeping up the fluorescent theme, Brian tweeted this lovely shade of green!


John has the correct priorities with his reactions in the mornings. And that’s a great mug.

In answer to your questions Elisha, I love them enough to give you a Gold award. They are good.

Andre you have my sympathy! You even manged to put in some #RealTimeChem that so many of us have done at home. Isn’t chemistry great? Get well soon!

Daniela even keeps up the chemistry fun after a long day in the lab. I’m not sure I’ve ever played bananagrams, looks kinda like Scrabble!



Platinum Awards

Note that these three lucky people will be entered into the final Tweet of the Week competition and are in with the chance of winning a #RealTimeChem week 2014 mug!


The colours just keep on coming and these two brands of purple from Matthew look extra vivid against that white surface.

Nick Randall took Thursday colour theme to the absolute maximum with this fantastic shot of dyes for solar cells. Taste the rainbow.


Geoffrey, you know that tiny glassware is for the Lab elves right? The only thing better than big glassware is teeny-tiny glassware. You can just imagine the little elves now can’t you?

So there you have Thursday’s winners! You can expect Friday’s on Sunday and then the joint weekend winners on Monday. As I write #RealTimeChem week is still going, but not long left to share some chemistry and be in with a chance of winning one of those mugs!

-Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy-


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