RTCW Awards 6 – Saturday/Sunday

Sat/Sun – 27th/28th April

On the 6th and 7th day of #RealTimeChem Week, stuff happened.  In the vein of the 24 favourite tweets of #RealTimeChem day, I’ve decided to highlight my favourite tweets of each day (except this particular one…obviously, which is over the whole weekend!). I’ve also decided to give out awards to aforementioned tweets, with the three best tweets of the whole week winning a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

These awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Within these categories they are in no particular order.

So without further ado, onto the awards.

Saturday and Sunday. All good things must come to an end and so #RealTimeChem week is over. Things wound down over the weekend, but there were still some hold outs in laboratories and offices, working away as hard as ever. Or not. In some cases.

AgAward                 Silver Award                  AgAward

Yunus shares some wisdom about chemistry that we should all heed.

SEM? The best lab equipment ever? I bet some people disagree! However, Alireza shows that it does give some damn fine pictures though.

Eleanor brings some much needed colour to her Laboratory’s lab coat rack.

Anybody think the work for chemists stops at the weekend? Oh no, this grading doesn’t do itself now, as E. J. laments.

Chad, totally has the right priorities on the weekend.

Kat, I have no idea what happened to your NMR lock, but hopeful that’s not the start of the machine uprising.

Ah TLC… lying to chemists since the 1940s. I can feel Vittorio’s pain with this one.

I can categorically state with absolute certainty that singing to your chemistry doesn’t make it work better Conker. I’ve done studies.

Just went you thought there weren’t going to be any crystals, Albano found some!

Unfortunately Nessa I’m all out of puppy videos. You can have a shiny medal for an entertaining tweet though!

AuAward                 Gold Award                    AuAward

The Grumpy Chemist’s inventory reminds me of my own when I was in the lab. Vials, vials everywhere!

Dr Paul was at a conference this week and after he did a little sightseeing in Paris. This is the tomb of Marie Curie. May she and her husband rest in peace.

Laura Jane’s does indeed have an awesome T-shirt. Everyone needs an awesome lab T-shirt.

We should all have a chromatogram and spectrum of the week like in Luke’s lab. Hey maybe next #RealTimeChem event, eh?

I’m not sure what Lithium did to get Joaquin mad, but hey that’s some cool molecular modelling.

Tom also did a spot of chemistry tourism, this time in London. Good old Professor Ingold. I used to work in a lab named after his compatriot Professor Thorpe!

Geoffrey, Geoffrey, Geoffey, no you may not call that “quantitative”, that is totally 99%.

PtAward              Platinum Award               PtAward

I’ve never thought of molecular orbitals as anything but a pain in the conical flask, but P.C. really has made them look like art! Colour me impressed.

Inan shows that even the mundane things in the lab like filtering can have beautiful consequences.

Monique reminds us what chemistry is all about: burning stuff.


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