RTCW Awards 5 – Friday

    Friday – 26th April

On the 5th day of #RealTimeChem Week, chemistry was conducted. And there was much rejoicing. In the vein of the 24 favourite tweets of #RealTimeChem day, I’ve decided to highlight my favourite tweets of each day. I’ve also decided to give out awards to aforementioned tweets, with the three best tweets of the whole week winning a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

These awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Within these categories they are in no particular order.

So without further ado, onto the awards.

Friday. The last day of the working week for many and so the last really big day of #RealTimeChem week. It didn’t disappoint, with a very nice mix of reactions, observations, laboratory wisdom and witty remarks.

AgAward                 Silver Award                  AgAward

Mags finds out about how to make chocolate. Yummiest kind of chemistry!


Some Friday morning wisdom from Vittorio via a handy T-Shirt. In fact, T-shirts are a bit of a theme today.

Noby’s doing chemistry just like in the movies! With colours!

Siobhan hoped that she knew what she was doing. I have no idea either, but it’s a fantastic shot!

Laura Jane shares her favourite T-shirt to do chemistry in! Told you T-shirts would return!

Captain Pegleg gets ready for the clean room. One must never foget ones PPE!

Like magic, The Johnston group gets some really huge crystals! Congratulations to the anonymous group member who synthesised these beauties!

Adam was the inventor of the #RealTimeChem hashtag and gave everyone a little bit of fun by providing some chemistry sudoku!

Columns are boring right? Well, this metallic rainbow column from Alyson is oh so pretty.


Nobody likes having to do all the washing up. Poor, poor Albano.

AuAward                 Gold Award                    AuAward

Gee got on board the #Freehandrings trend with some exceptionally pretty examples!

Andrew discovers even mistakes can have beautiful consequences 🙂

This is a nice shot from Sabrina, with chocolate making yet another appearance!

Marcus might only do one type of chemistry these days, but surely it’s the most worthwhile?


Audrey was off to teach the kids some chemistry and the important lesson that science isn’t just for men!


The Grumpy Chemist wins yet another award for this simple shot of notes on a fumehood. It’s just one of those things we all do, random scribblings on the metal edges, or on the glass. Just reminds me of my time in lab. Guess I’m nostalgic!

Glen Ernst worked really hard this #RealTimeChem week, showing off a wide range of laboratory reactions and skills. This prophetic comment though is my favourite. 🙂

PtAward              Platinum Award               PtAward

Kat’s vine of boiling solid is just as she says, quite mesmerising! Kat has been as ever a dedicated #RealTimeChem participant blogging her work every single day.  She deserves this for sheer dedication!

Of all the T-shirts of the day Nessa has to have the best. Who needs Rock n’ Roll when you can have Chemistry eh?

This picture from Tien gave me such amusement I just had to chose it for Platinum. 🙂 It’s good to know that we chemists are fully prepared to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.



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  2. tmnguyen5 · April 28, 2013

    So glad you enjoyed our lab’s zombie prep! Much thanks to Andrew Perkowski for taking the photo =)

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