RTCW Awards 3 – Wednesday

Wednesday – 24th April

3rd day of #RealTimeChem Week has come and gone! Much in the vein of the 24 favourite tweets of #RealTimeChem day, I’ve decided to highlight my favourite tweets of each day. I’ve also decided to give out awards to aforementioned tweets, with the three best tweets of the whole week winning a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

These awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Within these categories they are in no particular order.

So without further ado, onto the awards.

Wednesday. A great range of chemistry in the middle of the working week. Certainly the hardest day so far to choose just 20 of the best tweets! Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far, you have been brilliant.

AgAward                 Silver Award                  AgAward

Darren shows a different aspect of the chemistry business, IP. A big, big conferences. It’s great to see every bit of chemistry represented during #RealTimeChem week.

I love this close up from Chemist in Japan. Making an ordinary reaction look classy.

Freya showcases her first ever poster, looks pretty sharp to me. Hope the presentation went well.  These are another important aspect in the life of a chemist. You’ll do one at least once in your career!

Mr Hopkins takes us back to the days where it all began for many of us, those school chemistry lessons.

The Grumpy Chemist continues to impress, with yet another good shot. Orange powders are all the rage dontcha know? No idea how a cat uses a camera mind you.

Andrea runs a good old Vilsmeier-Haack formylation, using your standard stirrer plate that doesn’t do one of it’s two basic functions…we’ve all had them! Make do and mend is still very much alive in academic laboratories.

Albano is still coming up with great shots of #RealTimeChem, plenty of balloons is always fun times.

Christopher sums up Chemistry via this interesting and rather accurate analogy.

To the folks at Nottingham, I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t happen either.

We’ve had quite a lot of coffee, a little bit of tea. What’s that other major form of sustainence for chemists? Oh yes. Cake. Cake and journal reading. Good show Ian.

AuAward                 Gold Award                    AuAward

See Arr Oh gets a little creative with a Dewar flask and some colourful cable ties. Essential lab equipment can be good fun.

Dr. Neils panoramic view of your typical laboratory, except that large window. It burns us! It burns us precious!

Suba seals, one of those little laboratory items that most chemists can’t do without. Expertly arranged by Jess. Of course we all know they are heading off to the slaughter house of the fumehood/glove box, poor piggies 😦

Olivier likes to thank the little people. I’m easily amused.


Kelly, those sure are some fine looking crystal swirls and as was pointed out but Peter, reminds me of cake icing too.


Chemical and Engineering news get in on the action, by showing us just how they go about putting those wonderful magazines together. That pin board has seen many an issue. Fun insight into another world within chemistry.

Eric has tweeted a lot this week. A busy tweeter, summed up by a busy shot. Just sums up a typical day in the chemical lab really 🙂

PtAward              Platinum Award               PtAward

Laura Jane wins for prettiest, sparkliest crystals of the day!

I’ll be straight with you didn’t even like Physical chemistry when I was having to write notes on it, but Polji’s notes are somehow a thing of beauty.


Joaquin Barroso has been a big supporter of #RealTimeChem this week,  all the way from Mexico. He’s been making the case for the computational side of chemistry, this includes some wonderful blog posts that you should check out. Here’s my favourite tweet of the day:


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