[UPDATE – 12/07/2016]

As noted in my recent blog post #RealTimeChemInFocus is being retired for now. I’d like to thank everybody who took the time to write for this segment last year, you were all brilliant.

-Doctor Galactic-


[Original post follows]

Welcome to a new feature of the blog for 2015.

RealTimeChemInFocus copy

#RealTimeChemInFocus aims to shine a spotlight on a member of the ever growing #RealTimeChem community by way of a monthly guest blog post about their real-time chemistry for a particular week in their life.

The first post will be in February 2015. Guest bloggers will be at the invitation of @Doctor_Galactic, but anyone interested in being part of #RealTimeChemInFocus can get in touch with me via email or Twitter (@RealTimeChem).

So, what are the guidelines for the guest post you ask? What will they be about?

  • It should be about your chemistry for a week in your life and what it means to be a chemist. Apart from that you can really write about anything chemistry related. The idea is to promote your particular area of chemistry to other people. You may wish to focus on one particular aspect during that week or do a full “THIS IS MY LIFE” treatment. I’ll leave that up to you.
  • A short author biography including a picture, link to your Twitter profile and website/blog (if you have one).
  • If you are including other people or their work please do your due diligence and acknowledge them (link to their Twitter profile, publications etc)
  • There are no length requirements: guest posts should as long as the guest poster feels they need to be. I’ll probably do a proof read of the post before it goes up, but no major editing will occur. However, probably best you don’t write a thesis.

That’s about it. Once the next month rolls around your post will stay in the main page of the blog, but will also be archived in the #RealTimeChem Hub so that all previous posts can be viewed together.

If you have any further questions about #RealTimeChemInFocus, then please let me know.

-Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy –


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