RTCW Awards 2015 – Tuesday

Tuesday – 20th October

Welcome to the 3rd #RealTimeChem Week awards. This year the awards have changed a little this year with some new prizes. All Pt award winners will get a prize this year (a key ring!). Of course, the 3 best tweets of the whole week win an all new fabulous #RealTimeChem Week 2015 branded mug as a prize (rather than aforementioned key ring). For more detail on the prizes and how the awards work see my recent blog post.

This year the awards are once again ordered into Ag (6 winners), Au (4 winners) and Pt (2 winners). Please note that within these categories they are in no particular order.

So without further ado, onto the 2015 awards.

Tuesday. There was plenty of #RealTimeChem being done on Day 2 of the week and overall the day held pretty stable. As ever I am impressed with the variety of what everyone is up to. This year’s #RealTimeChem Week coincides with National Chemistry Week in the US, the theme of which is “Chemistry Colours of the World”. I think #RealTimeChem is living up to this so far! Tuesday’s Awards are can be found below.


Silver Awards silveraward

Daniela has an orange reaction and yellow reaction. Which one is going to win? There’s only one way to settle this…FIGHT!! (Spoiler: Yellow won)

Sometimes getting into the lab early is the best you can have you own balloon party, use the instruments without obstruction and just get down to chemistry. Keep up the good work Pierre!

Oh Olefin you naughty husky.

Andrea’s yield might be 49%, but this picture is 100% beautiful crystal goodness.

Let’s be honest someone has always got to be the Queen/King of the Lab today is was Michael and Becky has captured for future generations to marvel at his magnificence.

Sometimes nothing can beat a good piece of mad-looking equipment and here Tim shows off what you need to carry out XANES (X-ray absorption near edge structure).

Gold Awards     




Lab Daily is always showing off some spectacular chemistry with spectacular colours and this bright pink solid is just that!

Funny video from @narf42 showing why demonstrations of chemistry concepts in lecture are brilliant. And frequently hilarious.

Wait for it.

Mitchell shares a beautiful failure. Sometimes you gotta fail to succeed in chemistry!

The Periodic Table is one of the most recognisable things in Chemistry, but I’ve not seen one quite like this built by Lars chemical engineering students. I hope it gets finished soon.

Platinum Awards



Nara shows off her post lab google lines. We’ve all been there as shown by the fact this was one of the most favourited tweet of the day. Don’t worry, Nara they aren’t permanent!


Cake is a unifying force throughout the chemistry world. Fluorogrol knows this, enticing us all with this colourful, tasty looking slice that also that you can also legitimately take into the lab as a pH indicator. A lot of favourites on this one.

Note that the two Pt Award winners will be entered into the final Tweet of the Week competition and are in with a chance of winning a #RealTimeChem week 2015 mug!

 -Doctor Galactic-