Musings of the blog writer

Hello everybody,

It has been some considerable time since I last wrote a blog post and I’m sure many of you have been starting to wonder what has been going on this year with regards to both the blog and the status of #RealTimeChem.

With respect to the former, I’ve had a very busy year at work and at home, which hasn’t left a great deal of time for me to write any blog posts. This is a situation that I would like to remedy at an unknown point in the future as I have a great number of writing ideas. However, there are barriers preventing me from doing more writing at the present time. The most major of these is a very exciting barrier, which is my impending fatherhood. Yes folks, Doctor Galactic is due  have a mini-Doctor in the near future (hopefully by the end of this month, all things being well). During this time, I’ll be putting the blog on the back burner, although perhaps all the impending sleepless nights will inspire me?


Obviously, I have a “I am your father!” T-shirt ready just for this occasion. Hopefully, I will be an infinitely better father than ol’ Darth in this galaxy that isn’t so far, far away. 

If you’ve been following me on Twitter recently, you might have noticed that Brexit happened. I’d write about that, but I think it could swiftly turn into a rant of epic proportions. I think it’s one of the most self defeating things a country has ever done to itself, but then I’m probably part of that elitist left wing neoliberal conspiracy of pesky experts or whatever. Suffice to say there are not enough Picard facepalms in the world.

picard facepalm

All you need to know about “Brexit”.


Back on topic. With #RealTimeChem, I am blessed and grateful that the community continues to thrive without much input from me. I plan (I plan a lot you may have noticed) to get re-engaged with the project later in the year for #RealTimeChem Week 2016 (which I have already started getting asked about). This will be slightly later than last year, most likely November time. However, most of the other features of #RealTimeChem that are on the blog and ran in 2015, like #RealTimeChemInFocus, are unlikely to happen in 2016 as I had originally planned. They may or may not return.

Anyway, I thought I’d write something for a change and to let blog readers know that I am alive and I will, like James Bond, return in the future to write on this blog. I might even write some of the many things I’ve planned over the years. Just don’t mention the Brexit.


-Doctor Galactic-