RTCW Awards 2 – Tuesday

Tuesday – 23rd April

2nd day of #RealTimeChem Week. Much in the vein of the 24 favourite tweets of #RealTimeChem day, I’ve decided to highlight my favourite tweets of each day. I’ve also decided to give out awards to aforementioned tweets, with the three best tweets of the whole week winning a prize, which you can find out about on the FAQ!

These awards are ordered into Ag (10 winners), Au (7 winners) and Pt (3 winners). Within these categories they are in no particular order.

So without further ado, onto the awards.

AgAward                 Silver Award                  AgAward

Who doesn’t love a good experiment with liquid nitrogen? Dave certainly does.

Chemist in Japan joins ChemWorx. Accidently becomes the adminstrator of secret project. Whoops.

We all use test tubes everyday. Pretty boring, right? Well, Eric managed to  give them a dynamic touch with this photo and has been #RealTimeChem-ing pretty hard this week, so here’s some reward.

This tweet award for Jojo is not hypothetical.

I like it when chemistry looks like food. Mmmm, caramel. Thanks Jessica!

Swashbuckling in the laboratory. We should all do it more. Penny shows us her form with the blade. Entertaining tweet 🙂

Vine is great for chemistry, even computational. It’s also quite hilarious, as Jess makes some molecules dance the dance of life.

True dedication from Andrew. Chemistry even on the road.

Quite a few food related #RealTimeChem tweet today and Trent’s chemistry with carrots is one of the best.

Wouldn’t be a chemistry lab without a bit of flame, as provided by Sandra.

AuAward                 Gold Award                    AuAward

Ben shares a photograph we can all identify with when we were undergraduates. There’s always casualties.

Ian discovered this bad boy and I have no idea what its for – he also provided some close ups if your interested in the finer details. I love obscure pieces of glassware.

The final column of  a PostDoc deserves some celebration, particularly when it looks so pretty. Here you go Pam.

Henrik has provided some interesting #RealTimeChem this year, but I have a massive soft spot for things that look like the Warp drive from Star Trek, so….

The Grumpy Kat strikes again with a jaunty angle shot that I can’t help but like. A jaunty angle makes everything 100% better. It’s not even their chemistry!

One of my favourite undergraduate laboratories was using the various spectroscopies to identify unknowns, just like Jeremy did on Tuesday, with some rather stylish labels.

The Cycling Scientist shares some chemistry of flowers on St. George’s day.

PtAward              Platinum Award               PtAward

Dianne’s crystals are just full on pretty. Incidentally, not sure if this was actually Monday.

Xydja gets a platinum for sharing this fantastic picture from Belgrade. It’s great seeing things you never knew existed. Serbia could teach us a few things about proper chemisty decoration!

Luke combines the two things that we all seem to love the most. Chemistry and drinking. Taking chemistry out to the bar is fun.


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