Announcing the Journal of Real Time Chemistry! 

So big news! Stupendous, marvellous, frankly insane levels of newsage. 

Today I’m proud to announce the launch of a brand new Twitter based Journal! Yes, the Journal of Real Time Chemistry (or JRTC).

I’m sure you are all astounded and amazed by this announcement and also wondering how you can submit your tweets to this new journal. Well here’s a short FAQ: 

  • What’s the journal scope? Journal of Real Time Chemistry is an international, peer reviewed, Twitter based journal covering everything and anything chemistry based! Just write about chemistry. End of. 
  • How do I submit? Easy! You just add #RealTimeChem to your tweet and its submitted. 
  • How does peer review work? You just submit your tweet & the Editor-in-chief will ask 2 (or 3…or up to 7 in cases of wild disagreements and in fighting) random members of the #RealTimeChem community what they think of it. If it’s liked, then you’re in, if not, well you’re still in, but you won’t get a “like” and that’s what you want right? 
  • How long does peer review take? Depends on when the Editorial staff gets a chance to look at their smart phones, but it’s pretty quick. 
  • Who’s on the Editorial Board? It’s a small board, I mean you can’t expect high profile academics to take time out to read your Tweets can you? So it’s mainly, uh, me, Doctor Galactic, and the Editor-in-chief. 
  • Who’s the Editor-in-chief then? A chemist who is world renown naturally. Dame Tabitha Feline of the University of RealTimeChem, pictured below in a relaxed atmosphere outside the lab.  

    Note that Dame Feline is a harsh reviewer and will more than likely ignore your tweet completely .


I think that’s all you need to know,  aside from another list of bullet points describing the main journal features.

  • Rapid publication times! Near instant!
  • Simple submission process! A touch of a button!
  • Free colour! Free black & white! 
  • No page limits! …Because there are no pages. Obviously there is the whole 140 characters thing.
  • No charges! (Despite us really needing the money)
  • Open access! No gold or green or beige, but completely open to the whole world!
  • High impact! Yes, the tweets we expect to publish will be so high impact they will knock you out of your chair. You will be crushed by its stupendously high impact factor (expected IF =42) 


Obviously, April fools! I imagine you got that already of course. 


Today is #RealTimeChem day

This is it!

This is #RealTimeChem day! Thank you to everybody who is planning to join in, I’m excited and looking forward to seeing all the wonderful chemistry you are up to. I hope that you all have a fun and informative time. Comment, laugh, discuss or be amazed at what the Chemistry community does in the average day.

In addition, Happy Birthday to Marie Curie!

Below I’m going to post all of the RealTimeChem posters I made during the run up for your viewing pleasure:

I’ll be tweeting as @doctor_galactic from my laboratory and re-tweeting #RealTimeChem via @RealTimeChem. It’s going to be a busy day balancing lab work and twitter duties!

However, this day isn’t about me, it’s about you and your chemistry. Let’s show the world what it means to us and by extension to them too.

-Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy-