Introducing #RealTimeChem Ambassador (Europe) – Henry Powell-Davies

Hi everybody,

Back in February we opened up applications to become a #RealTimeChem Ambassador and we are very pleased to be able to announce the first set of newly appointed Ambassadors.

So without further ado please meet our third #RealTimeChem Ambassador (still focusing on Europe):

Henry Powell-Davies (@hpowelldavies) –

Hi, I’m Henry, currently a graduate researcher in the Cronin Group at the University of Glasgow. My research is focused on developing 3D-printable reactionware devices which are capable of, in theory, performing any chemical synthesis in a series of simple steps. I have a real interest in automated approaches to doing chemistry, especially those which seek to make practical work more accessible for those of us with disabilities. As a RealTimeChem Ambassador, I will look to encourage even more people to takepart in events such as #RealTimeChem Week, as I view this as a great chance not only to build a global network of scientists with varied interests who can interact with each other in this global space, but also break down barriers to communication and ensure everyone has a place they can freely express their interests in chemistry and the associated sciences, ultimately allowing the community to grow and learn together!

Please join us in saying a big hello to Henry either in the comments below or, more likely, on Twitter (you should follow him)! We’ll be working with Henry and all of our other new Ambassadors to generate new and exciting content for #RealTimeChem in the coming weeks, months and years ahead! More ambassadors to be announced soon!

If you’d like to apply to be a #RealTimeChem Ambassador check out how here.

Signing off.


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