Thank you and The Great #RealTimeChem Cook Off Winners

Hello RealTimeChemists,


2016 has been “interesting” times, but throughout all the upheaval #RealTimeChem has kept on going. Big thank you to every single chemist out there who took part in this year’s #RealTimeChem week. As I’ve said previously, this community is only here because of you and its also pretty darn unique in both the science world of social media.

While the week event is over for yet another year, don’t forget that #RealTimeChem is a 24/7 project, so feel free to keep sharing chemistry whenever you want and engage with your fellow chemists around the world.

Some thank yous go out again to the following for their help this year:

  • Andy Brunning of @compoundchem. Once again, Andy designed all of the graphics for the event and ran another fantastic infographic competition. Plus he also took part too (more on that later).
  • Katey Birtcher, Stephen Fiedler, Neil MacLeod and all the folks at Elsevier’s SciTechConnect for running the Blog Carnival once again, this time on “New Elements in Chemistry”. Your enthusiasm for the project has really kept me going and I loved the round ups.
  • Great work from Nadine Borduas for inventing this years theme and also writing a blog post all about #RealTimeChem and the #NewElemChem event. Plus also enthusiastically taking part as always!
  • The fine folks at the Royal Society of Chemistry, especially Geri, James and Lizzie who got the blog post mentioned above together.
  • Finally, thanks to David Peralta, Managing editor of @ChemMedChem & the folks at WileyVCH who have again supported The Great #RealTimeChem Cook Off with more prizes .

Now, speaking of prizes, time to announce the winners of The Great #RealTimeChem Cook Off 2016:


As mentioned above this year’s contest was again sponsored by @WileyVCH‘s society chemistry journals.* The five winners below all receive a ChemPubSoc Europe package containing:

A copy of What’s Cooking in Chemistry: How Leading Chemists Succeed in the Kitchen
-An exclusive #chemquackers scientist rubber duck (which you can use for all your #RealTimeChem posts!)
-Other Wiley-VCH goodies!


The prizes for this year’s Cook off in all their glory.

*@ChemEurJ, @ChemistrySelect, @ChemistryOpen, @ChemBioChem, @ChemCatChem, @ChemMedChem@ChemElectroChem, @ChemPhysChem, @ChemPlusChem, @ChemSusChem,@ChemPhotoChem, @EurJIC, and Eur. J. Org. Chem (all journals of @ChemPubSoc_Euro); @ChemAsianJ, @AsianJOrgChem, and @ChemNanoMat (all journals of the Asian Chemical Editorial Society); and @angew_chem (a journal of @GDCh_aktuell).


This was not a straightforward decision. A lot of fantastic entries this year and so a decision had to be made based on a number of factors; invention, chemistry content, popularity (via retweets and favourites), general looks of the cook, humour, etc.

After much deliberation on my part and consultation with my partners at Wiley, here are the chosen winners:

This was rather rather popular. While a #tbt, it was not one I’d ever seen before (I’d remember this). It was certainly the most chemistry-focused cook off entry of the weekend. Plus people really seemed to love it. Philippa also shared some other excellent bakes too (See also:

Nadine made some rather tasty dumplings (see here for results:, but the process of making them we felt was the most fun with excellent use of PPE.

Andy shared this pumpkin pie (very topical for a week starting on Halloween!) twice and it was highly popular on both occasions. The shot is great, also very neat sugar dusting on the top.

Partha’s great looking dishes won out here not just for their scrumptious looks, but also we love a good bit of spice. Can just imagine the heat right now!

Molecular Dreams is the final winner for some orbital like bread. Bread is tricky (well for me anyway!) and I think these look fantastic.

Congratulations everybody! To claim your prize please send me the below details, either via DM on Twitter or to

-Affiliation (Uni/Company/Department) and position/role
-Email account
-Shipping Address (if at an institution, please indicate the Lab/Division/department and/or Room numbers)


Once again thank you a million times to everyone who took part in #RealTimeChem week 2016.

mischief managed

-Doctor Galactic-




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  1. echemi · May 23, 2017

    I like the pumpkin pie with a chemical formula

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