#RealTimeChem Week 2016 Awards – Friday

Friday – 4th November

Welcome to the 4th #RealTimeChem Week awards!


Just like previous years, I will be offering awards for the best tweets during #RealTimeChem Week. The format has, again, changed a little due to circumstances and budget. This year, after noting that tweets are often quite slim on the weekend portion of #RealTimeChem week, I’ve decided to focus the awards on the 5 days of the working week, with The Great #RealTimeChem Cook off taking up the weekend slot.


There are still three different awards available: Ag, Au and Pt. 10 awards will be given each of the five days (6 Ag, 3 Au, 1 Pt). Those winning the coveted Platinum award (5 total) will each win a prize, which is, as usual, a #RealTimeChem mug with this year’s snazzy logo emblazoned on it.


So without further ado, onto the 2016 awards.



Friday! This is it folks, the last working day of the week and also the last day of the awards for this year. It’s been great fun as usual. Here’s the my favourite tweets of the day.



Alyssa’s student grow some crystals. Despite the frustration, I’m sure they had some fun!

These are some eager looking young chemists. They look happy to wait Chris!

Alex proves that nobody can resist the cuteness of tiny glassware. Awww look at it!

Rachel gets to have fun with some dust? I hope you found gold in there for your trouble!

Connie’s chemistry is sitting pretty in pink and bubbling away quite merrily 🙂

Some old school chemistry from Lab Daily while thinking about refreshment. Not sure I’d drink that Mountain Dew…



Danny shows that sometimes all it takes is a little spin and you’re on your way!

Laura revisits some old porphyrin friends in a series of popular tweets, but this video was my favourite. It’s soooo shiny!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….Terrible. But so good from the Neurotic Chemist.


Friday’s overall winner was:

Lab accidents are part and parcel of the risks of experimental chemistry, but it seems that even physical chemists can have them too! Darwin’s strangely beautiful mangle caused by some data in the wrong column was the most popular tweet of the whole day and pretty darn weird/cool lookin’.

Darwin, you win a much coveted #RealTimeChem week mug. I hope that data straightened out right in the end:


Last one!


Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for taking part in #RealTimeChem week! The Great #RealTimeChem Cook Off took place this weekend and had plenty of tasty entries. The winners for that will be up later in the week.


-Doctor Galactic-




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