#RealTimeChem Week 2016 Awards – Thursday

Thursday – 3rd November

Welcome to the 4th #RealTimeChem Week awards!


Just like previous years, I will be offering awards for the best tweets during #RealTimeChem Week. The format has, again, changed a little due to circumstances and budget. This year, after noting that tweets are often quite slim on the weekend portion of #RealTimeChem week, I’ve decided to focus the awards on the 5 days of the working week, with The Great #RealTimeChem Cook off taking up the weekend slot.


There are still three different awards available: Ag, Au and Pt. 10 awards will be given each of the five days (6 Ag, 3 Au, 1 Pt). Those winning the coveted Platinum award (5 total) will each win a prize, which is, as usual, a #RealTimeChem mug with this year’s snazzy logo emblazoned on it.


So without further ado, onto the 2016 awards.



Thursday. Thor’s day. Thou shall go hit thine chemistry with a hammer…or something. Another busy #RealTimeChem day this one with some excellent tweets. Decisions, decisions decisions. Here’s the my favourite tweets of the day.



Lab Daily shows off the best thing about NMR tubes: customizing your caps! There’s nothing better than knowing your tubes are happy to see you right?

I don’t think there is a single chemist that doesn’t see a word and misread as a chemistry term instead as Izzy demonstrates. Far too easy indeed. However, you can never have too much chemistry!

In keeping with yesterdays bringing of folks to the yard/lab, Mark is using alluring ketyl radicals. They certainly are blue.

Chemistry isn’t all pretty colours. Sometimes you have to sit there and pump colourless liquids through a chromatography machine. All day. We’re with you Renée, we’re with you.

More pretty colours from Kalamazoo Chemistry, this time involving quantum dots.

@CompoundChem’s very own Andy Bruning gets in on the act with a fun looking demo that shows off diffusion.



Let’s be honest, this year fluorescence has been insanely popular and Thursday was no different. Christine made her first ever fluorescent product, just in time for #RealTimeChem Week. That’s organisation.

You know that thing I mentioned above. Well…case in point. I think Brian really laid down the gauntlet this year (see special mention below this post) and Andy totally picked it up, with interesting results!

Go home #chemquackers, you’re drunk. The folks at Chemistry: A European Journal sure are giving that rubber duck a good time. Wait, maybe they are really all rubber ducks *dramatic music*.



Thursday’s overall winner was:

Speaking of music, Emily Rose just squeaks the victory here. I think its the combination of a portrait that resonates with so many of us and lyrics from R.E.M. That awful moment when it all goes horribly wrong. A lot of these moments involve rotary evaporators…. damn them, damn them all to hell. Sing it with me now:


Emily, you win a much coveted #RealTimeChem week mug. I think you need it after that:


Come up with another word for “shiny” folks. Suffice to say, they are nice. 


Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for taking part in #RealTimeChem week! The final awards for Friday will be announced later today, then it’s on to The #RealTimeChem Cook Off this weekend.


-Doctor Galactic-




P.S. Special Achievement mention.

Brian Wagner has already won a Platinum Award this week, but could probably have won everyday so far! (I have a self imposed rule of not giving out two to the same person). This “fireworks” demonstration, for instance,  which Andy also tried above is spectacular and also the single most loved Tweet of the week so far (and unlikely to be beaten I reckon!). Just wanted to give an extra thank you to Brian for adding so much fun chemistry to this week.






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