#RealTimeChem Week 2016 Awards – Wednesday

Wednesday – 2nd November

Welcome to the 4th #RealTimeChem Week awards!


Just like previous years, I will be offering awards for the best tweets during #RealTimeChem Week. The format has, again, changed a little due to circumstances and budget. This year, after noting that tweets are often quite slim on the weekend portion of #RealTimeChem week, I’ve decided to focus the awards on the 5 days of the working week, with The Great #RealTimeChem Cook off taking up the weekend slot.


There are still three different awards available: Ag, Au and Pt. 10 awards will be given each of the five days (6 Ag, 3 Au, 1 Pt). Those winning the coveted Platinum award (5 total) will each win a prize, which is, as usual, a #RealTimeChem mug with this year’s snazzy logo emblazoned on it.


So without further ado, onto the 2016 awards.



Wednesday. #RealTimeChem week is always busiest in the middle and this year has been no exception. Insert clever witticisms, etc etc…I’m getting behind on these Awards posts, so on with business! Favourite tweets of the day below!





Jess looks pretty happy with her milkshake. I don’t know what her plans might be with all those German exchange students that have turned up in her lab, but damn right, her chemistry is better than yours.

Harrison was sleepy by the end of Wednesday and rightly so, a hard day of #RealTimeChem-ing right here.



Nadine shares all the important facts about that most terrible of “chemicals” dihydrogen monoxide. Lock up your kids! This is real wrath of God stuff. Cats and Dogs living together. Mass hysteria. You know the chemophobia drill right?

Dreamygirl brings lots of love to her colourful chemistry!

Kristina gets down to business with some sample prep.

Another day, another tweet about coffee. This is chemistry. This time Berivan gets curious about her “natural” coffee. Nice analysis work!


Andryj might be waiting for some good results, but he sure as heck can draw in the meantime!

There’s nothing more pleasing than getting pure product like Christine here and looking like tinsel is a massive bonus!

Brian could probably win *all* the prizes this week. Fluorescence is so darn pretty and such fun experiments when taking your kid to work!





Wednesday’s overall winner was:

This simple, but great looking video demo of Soxhlet apparatus from Shira was one of the most popular tweets of the day. It’s great seeing chemistry in action and this is about as loved as beet extract has ever been.

Shira, you win a much coveted #RealTimeChem week mug:


Super shiny.


Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for taking part in #RealTimeChem week! Thursday and Friday’s award winners will be announced tomorrow.


-Doctor Galactic-







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