#RealTimeChem Week 2016 Awards – Monday

Monday – 31st October

Welcome to the 4th #RealTimeChem Week awards!


Just like previous years, I will be offering awards for the best tweets during #RealTimeChem Week. The format has, again, changed a little due to circumstances and budget. This year, after noting that tweets are often quite slim on the weekend portion of #RealTimeChem week, I’ve decided to focus the awards on the 5 days of the working week, with The Great #RealTimeChem Cook off taking up the weekend slot.


There are still three different awards available: Ag, Au and Pt. 10 awards will be given each of the five days (6 Ag, 3 Au, 1 Pt). Those winning the coveted Platinum award (5 total) will each win a prize, which is, as usual, a #RealTimeChem mug with this year’s snazzy logo emblazoned on it.


So without further ado, onto the 2016 awards.



Monday. A fairly slow #RealTimeChem day to start the week, but also one filled with cool spooky stuff courtesy of Halloween! Favourite tweets of the day below…



Partha gets Monday off to an annoying start, dropping stuff. Like a boss.



[Tweet https://twitter.com/J_Ting1/status/793067935933734913%5D

Jeff’s all in a spin with some polymer chemistry!



[Tweet https://twitter.com/MMGaschler/status/793193020208349184]

Chemistry goes Halloween well by virtue of many things being orange as shown off by Michael here.



Emma shows the best way to have a spooky time in the lab just throw something cyrogenic in your water bath. Instant hubble bubble toil and trouble *cackle*


Andres had a few spooky tweets, my favourite being this one with Dr Bones having some fun #RealTimeChem-ing away.


Oleh shows off the spoooooky #RealTimeChem powers of UV light.


Marcela gives a sneak peak of Tuesday’s upcoming #RealTimeChem fun.



Nadine gets super excited for #RealTimeChem week with chemistry themed skis. The life of an atmospheric chemist is far from dull!



Jon here goes that little bit further in the orange by turning his flask into a pumpkin with simple use of a bit of pen. Makeshift Halloween FTW.


Tom sure loves his chemistry with a burning passion as illustrated by this mesmerizing tweet!


Monday’s overall winner was:

Brian! With the most popular tweet of the day by some measure. Fantastic shot of a spooky glowing skull that would be perfect for any chemistry Halloween celebration. You win a much coveted #RealTimeChem week mug:



Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for taking part in #RealTimeChem week so far! Tuesdays award winners will be announced tomorrow.


-Doctor Galactic-







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