About the #RealTimeChem Week 2015 Awards

Hi everybody,

#RealTimeChem Week 2015 is almost upon us and I’ve had a few folks on Twitter asking me about the Awards that are given out during the event. Information can be found on the FAQ like everything else about #RealTimeChem, but I thought I’d make things even clearer in a separate post.

What are the awards?

Every year I bestow awards upon my favourite contributions to #RealTimeChem Week. This year’s awards have been revamped a little with a new structure and some extra prizes for those winning the top awards.

Awards are given out each weekday with a joint weekend award giving you 6 opportunities to win.

There are three levels of award: silver, gold and platinum as shown in all their shiny goodness below:


The new award badges this year have been provided by the excellent Nicola Burton (formerly on Twitter as @Elements_UD) creator of Elements Unleashed.

Overall there will be 12 awards given each day: 6 silver, 4 gold and 2 platinum.

How do I enter?

Simple. Tweet some fantastic chemistry any time between 19th-25th October using #RealTimeChem in your tweet and you are in with a chance of winning.

Please note: While you can most certainly win multiple awards throughout the week, in the interest of fairness I try to make sure that Tweeters only win one Platinum Award during the week. This is in order to give more folks the chance to win a prize.

What can I win? 

The prizes for the #RealTimeChem Week awards do come out of my somewhat meagre pocket so unfortunately I can’t give prizes to every award winner , but everyone will each receive a PDF certificate to keep for posterity (Silver, Gold or Platinum).

Winners of the platinum awards each day will also have the chance to win the big prize as one of the top 3Tweets of the Week”. All 12 winners of platinum awards will be entered into the final running for “Tweets of the week” with the 3 winners receiving the top prize and the remaining 9 platinum award winners receiving the smaller secondary prize.

This year’s prizes are shown below and are adorned with this years logo designed by @compoundchem.

Tweets of the week top prize: 

Everyone loves a mug right? You can do all kinds of things with them!

Everyone loves a mug right? You can do all kinds of things with them!

Platinum awards secondary prize:

A snazzy keyring for the remaining 9 Pt award winners (in case you are wondering it’s blank on the back.)

If you have any other questions about the awards, please ask me on Twitter.

-Doctor Galactic-


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