Announcing Compound Interest’s #RealTimeChem Week 2015 competition!

Hi everybody,

I have a rather exciting announcement for #RealTimeChem Week 2015, courtesy of Andy Brunning of Compound Interest: a competition for all you research chemists out there. This is your chance to have your research turned into an info-graphic by Compound Interest and featured on the website during #RealTimeChem week.

Compound Interest’s graphics have have been featured on sites all over the world, including The Guardian, Huffington Post, Forbes, Buzzfeed, IFLS, io9, NPR, Smithsonian, Vox, The Mail Online, and Business Insider.

See below of all of the details of this great competition:


Want a Compound Interest graphic made based on your research? For this year’s #RealTimeChem Week, Compound Interest is looking for chemistry researchers who want to explain the everyday applications of their area of research. To enter, all you have to do is write a piece no longer than 500 words long, detailing the focus of your work and its relevance to non-chemists, in language non-chemists can understand.

From the submitted pieces, five will be chosen to have graphics made based on them, and these graphics will then be featured on the Compound Interest site during #RealTimeChem Week. To enter, email your 500 word piece to realtimechemweek@.

-Doctor Galactic-


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