Some musings and an official announcment…

Hello everyone,

Sorry that there’s been yet another break in service here recently, suffice to say I’ve been busy with my new job as a publishing editor and it has left me precious little time for blogging….okay that’s a poor excuse, but I’m sticking to it! I do have a couple of further blogs up my sleeve, but there they may remain until I can get my brain to regugitate them.

Anyway, on to the good stuff, as some of you might have seen, #RealTimeChem was featured in Chemistry & Engineering news very recently and I’m super happy about how the article turned out. In fact, I’m pretty sure Carmen Drahl (@carmendrahl) captured the spirit of #realtimechem better than I ever have!

Here’s the spread in C&EN via Matthew Katcher, who incidently is totally worth following on twitter and is a participant in #Blogsyn, which is hopefully going to keep making waves.

I’ve done my best to keep my own hash tag ticking over and there’s been some really interesting and all round stuff to be found under #RealTimeChem, with a recent highlight being the “So God Made a Chemist” video by Vittorio Saggiomo and colleagues.

Another hash tag on twitter to draw your attention to is the recently created #chemclub (insert your own Fight Club joke here) by @_byronmiller, which you can find more information on via his blog but the basic idea is that “If you read a paper worth talking about, tweet a link and quick summary with the hashtag #chemclub.”

This is an excellent companion hash tag to #RealTimeChem, which I shall be supporting via @RealTimeChem whenever I get the chance.

So onto the official announcement you came here for:

*drum roll*

After some deliberation and looking at the results of the recent poll it has been decided that the next official event, “#RealTimeChem week” will take place the week starting Monday 22nd April 2013.

It's happening! More details to follow naturally, but it's happening!

It’s happening! More details to follow naturally, but it’s happening!

There you go. Please take this banner and spread the word. I’ll give out some more details very soon, with an FAQ as before with a few changes and whatnot. I’ll be working on promoting this (in my spare time) with various others over the next month and a bit, so hopefully the week will be a big success. I’ll likely be needing some help, so I’ll be in contact via twitter about this in due course, if you want to do something to help out then feel free to DM me.

Over and out for now.

Doctor Galactic



  1. Kat Badiola (@CaverKat) · March 5, 2013

    Week? What’s this “week” thing? Everyday is #realtimchem day!

    • doctorgalactic · March 5, 2013

      Well yes, this true! Most certainly for you Kat 🙂 This is just a larger scale ‘event’ to get more people interested in joining in with #realtimechem.

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